16 November 2021 / Company news

Scope launches early-warning system for corporate credit quality

Based on Coface’s proven credit assessments, “Credit Review” provides transparent credit assessments on all registered companies around the world. Credit Review will support risk professionals and help facilitate the financing of SMEs.

Scope Group, the leading European provider of assessments, ratings and research for credit, ESG and fund analysis, is delighted to announce the launch of Credit Review, offering risk managers and credit investors an innovative new product that provides actionable early warnings of changes in corporate credit quality.

To launch Credit Review, Scope has become a redistribution partner for Coface, a global leader in trade credit insurance and provider of information services. Available via ScopeOne, Scope’s interactive financial-intelligence platform, Credit Review has highly valuable features and functionality, including:

  • Total coverage – Coface’s proven credit assessments and default probabilities will be available for every registered corporate globally, including SMEs.
  • Timeliness and efficiency – A very timely credit risk indicator, incorporating the unique corporate payment behaviour data available from Coface’s trade credit insurance business, that will enable credit investors and risk managers to take vital early decisions based on changes to a company’s creditworthiness.
  • Monitoring and warning – Available via the ScopeOne platform and via an API, clients will have the ability to create discrete portfolios of companies and monitor them via intraday notifications on any changes to their credit assessments.

“Credit Review makes it easy for users of ScopeOne, our digital and innovative marketplace, to receive credit assessments, for their internal use, on every registered corporate on a timely basis.” said Michael Bolle, Executive Director at Scope Group. “It is important to note that Coface has skin in the game, since it uses the assessments to manage its roughly 500bn Euro of credit exposures.”

“We are delighted to be entering this relationship with Scope and are excited about the launch of Credit Review. With ScopeOne, we aim to provide unique insights into a wide range of highly relevant institutional investors and financial institutions and help them to take more informed decisions,” said Matthieu Garnier, head of Information Services at Coface.

More information on Credit Review

CeFPro Webinar on Credit Review – 30 November, 10am (ET) / 4pm (CET)
Join Scope and Coface at this webinar to present Credit Review. Organised by the Center for Financial Professionals (CeFPro), key agenda points include:

  • Common issues with credit assessment tools and performing portfolio monitoring
  • How can data such as payment behaviour help to develop predictive credit assessments?
  • How will Credit Review support portfolio monitoring and provide early-warning messages?
  • Case study: Comparing credit quality trends across sectors for European SMEs

Register here

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